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My favourite contemporary romance books of 2013

I did try honestly to compile a top ten of my favourite contemporary romance books of 2013 but it was completely impossible, there's been way too many fantastically schmexy books steaming up my kindle in 2013 so I've narrowed down errr slightly and sneakily added in a few of my top badass biker books of 2013 too.

Contemporary romance tugged at my heartstrings
Down London Road by Samantha Young put me through the emotional wringer and then some. I went from initially disliking the gold digger heroine Jo to absolutely adoring caring, protective and all round lovely Jo at the end. Also in Down London Road's favour is the gorgeous Scottish hero Cam who is to die for.
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Contemporary romance with an air of mystery intrigued me
I loved the second instalment in Lisa Renee Jones Inside Out series Being Me, it turned the whole story around with it's revelations and surprises I just wished the third instalment Revealing Us hadn't let the side down.

Some contemporary romances were just plain schmexy
Tattoo artist Seth "Ghost" Warren from Leave Me Breathless by Cherrie Lynn was another to die for hero of 2013 that steamed my kindle up completely. Not only that he loves his Nana too.
Everything Ruthie Knox wrote or recommended in 2013 was amazing
Making It Last by Ruthie Knox was the final instalment in her fantastic Camelot series and I was up to all hours reading it. The final check in with Tony and Amber was so much more than a quick glimpse into their HEA, Making It Last was a realistic and thought provoking story that showed that when the romance wears off Tony and Amber, like the rest of us, had to work at making their marriage last. Ruthie is firmly on my author auto buy list and her recommendations are always immediately added to my "must read" list. 

 I discovered that I wanted to be a Rock Chick
With the release of the final Rock Chick book I completely fell in love with Kristen Ashley's Rock Chick series. I think I've re-read the first book quite a few times now, I seem to need  my Lee and Indy fix quite regularly. I want to be as cool as Stella. Sadie's book had me crying buckets of tears. And Ally, who doesn't want to be Ally? I'm determined to get all eight books in paperback so that I can have them on my shelf despite the cost. Rock On! 

I decided I wanted to move to Australia to find myself an Onslow hottie
 I devoured An Endless Summer and That One Summer by my favourite Aussie author C.J. Duggan. They both made me laugh and swoon in equal measure
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 I discovered Cara McKenna's special brand of heroes
I read After Hours by Cara McKenna on holiday and loved the realistic hero Kelly, he wasn't a billionaire, a biker, or a member of the hot bunch he was just a guy but I completely fell for him. After reading Unbound I realised that I really do love Cara McKenna's very character driven books her heroes may just be normal guys but they completely suck me into the story.
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Contemporary romance made me laugh in 2013
Wallbanger by Alice Clayton
 and Tangled by Emma Chase both had me laughing out loud, as far as I'm concerned hot and hilarious are the prefect kind of contemporary romance books.
 Dirty talking became popular
Phew! Officer Off Limits by Tessa Bailey was one steamy read, Daniel is a sexy cop with a dirty mouth and got a 5 out of 5 from me.

Badass bikers became my book of choice 
It all started with Horse in Joanna Wylde's Reaper's Property, then I discovered Madeline Sheehan's Undeniable and Kelly Jamieson's Hot Ride and before I knew it I was one clicking pretty much anything with a biker/MC theme. I had to create a special shelf on Goodreads and share my love of badass bikers with the world in a special post. I felt it was my civic duty. When I realised Kristen Ashley was extending my beloved Motorcycle Man Tack's story into a new biker series I near enough died and went to heaven. 2013 has definitely been the year of the badass biker for me.

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  1. I have started my Rock Chick paperback collection! I got the first 4 for christmas, the hubby can be talked into buying some for Valentines day and if not...Mothers day! lol


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