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Review and giveaway: Dragon Awakened by Jaime Rush

Dragon Awakened
The Hidden #1
Jaime Rush
Publisher: Forever Mass Market
Publication date: 17th December 2013

I love dragon shifter books so I'm always on the look out for a new dragon series to devour and Jaime Rush's series The Hidden is definitely one to look out for.

Fifteen years ago dragon shifter Cyntag Valeron was given the order to take out everyone on board the yacht Physikal out at sea. As an assassin Cyn was used to following such orders but didn't expect to see the couple he killed's young daughter sleeping soundly throughout the ordeal, this leaves Cyn with a real dilemma.

Fast forward to the present day and Ruby Salazaar has been brought up by her pseudo-uncle Moncrief believing that her parents died in a boating accident. When Mon calls Ruby urgently telling her there are some things he should have told her long ago, Ruby rushes straight to his house to find that that a strange bolt of green lightening has speared Mon to the wall and in his dying breath all Mon is able to do is warn Ruby that this is magick lightening sent by someone dangerous that will kill her also if it sees her. In his final words the only clue Mon is able to leave Ruby with is the name Cyntag.

As Ruby tries to piece together what Mon was trying to tell her, Ruby finds that the stories Mon created for her a child full of a hidden world of magick, angels, sorcerers, dragons and a dragon prince in a book known as The Book of the Hidden are actually true and that Ruby's world is going to change forever.

Ruby starts her journey convinced that the mysterious Cyntag is somehow responsible for Mon's death and is determined to find and confront his killer. Ruby traces Cyn to the mixed martial arts studio he now owns but Ruby has no idea whatsoever that Cyn is not only a powerful dragon shifter or that he is connected to the death of her parents. Protecting Ruby from her true heritage, Mon cast a spell to keep the magick in Ruby's eyes hidden but now that Mon is gone the spell is finally wearing off putting Ruby in extreme danger. With no knowledge about her true powers its up to Cyn her sworn protector and saviour to now train and protect Ruby the child he spared fifteen years ago.

I loved the world building of Dragon Awakened, basically Ruby should have been initiated or "awakened" at puberty to her dragon heritage but Mon had a real reason to keep Ruby hidden. With no real knowledge of the dragon world whatsoever Ruby has to get a crash course on being a dragon from Cyn and copes with it all quite well I thought!

The relationship between Cyn and Ruby with their complicated history is never going to be plain sailing. Cyn comes across as the older teacher/protector and therefore Ruby is very much initially off limits to him, he thinks she's too young and not actually his type but simmering away in the background their dragons are hot for each other. I liked that they both awaken each other, Ruby really brings back Cyn's passion for life and Cyn teaches Ruby about true dragon history.

All in all, I was really impressed with the start of this new series and with the next instalment Magic Possessed out on January the 28th I know I'll be tuning in for more from The Hidden. 4 out of 5.

Here's a little excerpt:

Cyntag slowly waved his hand in front of her face, his eyes staring straight into hers between his long fingers. “Crescents can identify one another by our eyes. Some are icy glitter, some swirling mist, and others burning embers.”

Her heart hitched. Hadn’t she seen a glow in his eyes?

He lowered his hand. “Moncrief cast an illusion spell to hide the magick in your eyes. You looked like a Mundane, a regular human. Now that he’s gone, the spell is wearing off. Soon it will be obvious to every Crescent who sees you.”

She walked over to a gilt-framed mirror on the side wall and stared at herself. No glow. He was full of it. “I don’t see anything like what you described.”

“Because you cannot see.” He came up behind her. “You have not been Awakened. Crescents are initiated in a ceremony at thirteen, when their powers begin to appear. It’s similar to those of many native tribes to celebrate a coming of age. But much more comes with being an Awakened Crescent.”

Thirteen. She remembered a gnawing hunger deep in her belly and vivid dreams filled with colors and longing and…dragons.

Cyntag brushed her bangs from her forehead, his thumb grazing the skin near her burn. “The orb did this?” She nodded, and anger shimmered over his face. “Unacceptable.”

“I thought so.”

He’d said it as though the attack on her was a personal affront to him. Like he owns you.

“Right now you’re like a baby chick fallen prematurely from the nest, without feathers developed enough to fly from danger or any way to fight enemies. Unable to even see them. You might get a glimpse now and then, but that won’t be enough.”

“You’re saying I have powers?” Could her disbelief be more clear? “Can I make one of those orb-lightning-bolt things?”

Another twitch of a smile. “Sorry, no. However, you are much more magnificent than mere magick.”

“I’m magnificent. Yeah.” She couldn’t help but glance down at herself. “Fine, how do I get…what’d you call it? Awakened?” Let’s play along.

“Considering the circumstances, only I can awaken your powers.”

Did his arrogance know no bounds? Dumb question, Ruby. “What do I have to give you for that?”

“You assume there’s a price?”

“There’s always a price.” She could see that he had one too.

He stepped closer, again breaching boundaries. She wouldn’t move away. If only she didn’t have to look up at him. Even being five-foot-eight, he was way taller. His heat reached out, beckoning her. She stiffened her stance. The dragon tattoo eyed her, but no, she did not see it move.

He waited until she drew her gaze back to his face. “The price is that once you see, you can never go back to being blind. Once you know, you can never forget. Once you experience your true nature, you can never ignore it.”

“Ignore what?”

He released a breath. “We’d better start with the small stuff.”

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