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Review: Born Wild by Julie Ann Walker

born wildBorn Wild
Julie Ann Walker
Black Knights Inc. #5
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Publication date: 5th November 2013

I'm a big fan of this series, what's not to love about badass alpha male commando's who love bikes? Thankfully after the little blip of the previous book Thrill Ride Julie Ann Walker has got the series back on track again with Born Wild.

Eve Edens after 3 botched attempts on her life goes to William "Wild Bill" Reichert who also happens to be her best friend Becky's brother for help. The police and even her other father don't believe she's in danger only her cousin Jeremy seems to have her back demanding that the police department reopen her case. Eve and Bill however have history when means tonnes of unresolved tension on both sides. Twelve years ago when Bill left for his Navy Seal training Eve's manipulate and over bearing father manoeuvred and coerced Eve into dating and then marrying what he considered to be a much more suitable man than Bill.

Fast forward twelve years, Bill still feels betrayed by Eve although he has never really got over her and now she's at his doorstep needing his help. Bill being the slightly conflicted but ultimate protective good guy does everything he can to protect Eve and uncover who exactly is threatening her life.

I started off disliking Eve a fair bit she's portrayed as previously being a spoilt daddy's girl who did what she was told in her younger days, leading a fairly sheltered life she came across as being a little bit timid but Eve has really grown up and is actively trying to take control of her life despite the fact that her life is under threat and evidence shows that the threat may actually be from a person very close to her. Bill is exactly the kind of hero that I expect from this series all badass commando with a heart of gold who's main weakness if the woman he loves. It may be formulaic but I still love reading it! Eve isn't the normal kind of feisty heroine I expect and that's why I ended up really liking her. It's her love for her father that has allowed him to manipulate her for years and as a result of his manoeuvring Eve feels incredibly guilty about how she treated Bill.

I have to say the whodunit mystery kept me guessing, I made my mind up early who the culprit was and got it completely wrong so bonus points there! Bill and Eve dance around each other for a fair amount of time there's no instant forgiveness and again it made me appreciate both characters even more.

Mystery, badass Navy Seals, bikes and romance all made for another great addition to the Black Knights Inc. series. Well worth a read. 

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