Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Review: Hard as it Gets by Laura Kaye

hard as it getsHard as it Gets
Hard Ink #1
Publisher: Avon
Publication date: 26th November 2013

If I was to sum up Hard As It Gets by Laura Kaye I would say it has potential, the cover initially caught my eye and the blurb sounded right up my street with the mention of tattoos, ex military bad ass commandos and the promise of a hot romance. All of this combined should have meant that I loved it but I never quite got there.

Heroine Becca Merritt's arrives at Nic Rixey's tattoo shop Hard Ink Tattoo seeking his help in finding her missing brother Charlie. Becca is the daughter of Nic's ex-commander and the man responsible for the end of Nic's military career. To Becca her father is a military hero but Nic and his surviving team's version of events is completely different making him reluctant to help Becca initially. Thankfully Nic's alpha male protective instincts kick in sending them on a search and rescue mission.

Hard As It Gets definitely had that first book syndrome where the setting up of the characters and story slowed the book down dramatically in the first half and at times I did find myself getting a little bit bored. With the reforming of Nick's team there is obviously potential for each of the men to get their HEA too so I think I'll will the series and chance and pick up the next book I just hope it has more romance and a little less suspense.

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