Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Review: Legend of the Highland Dragon by Isabel Cooper

17225973Legend of the Highland Dragon
Isabel Cooper
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Publication date: 3rd December 2013

Mina Seymour has worked hard to raise herself from her working class roots and change her accent and works as a secretary to a Professor Carter so when Lord Stephen MacAlasdair demands to see Carter and leaves the professor rattled to the core Mina decides she wants to find out more about this mysterious Scottish Lord.

Mina visits Stephen MacAlaisdair's cook to get the gossip on him but finds herself running for her life from a mysterious dark shadow straight into Stephen's private lodgings and a large scaly red dragon. With the strange shadow dispatched the dragon changes back into his human form that of Stephen. With everything Mina has now seen and the threat of an old enemy on the loose Stephen demands that Mina must stay with him under his protection but Mina isn't going to sit back and let him investigate on his own.

I really enjoyed this historical romance with a twist, it has so many different elements to it: the historical almost steampunk setting of London in 1894, the paranormal element of shape shifting dragons and mysterious manes, demons and sorcerers, a fantastic mystery and last but by no means least the slow burning romance between Stephen and Mina. I loved Mina, she's worked hard to change her accent and provide for herself, she's loyal, inquisitive and determined and actually becomes a real asset to Stephen in the hunt for his old enemy. As the story progresses Stephen actually admits he wouldn't want to be hunting his enemy without her which is music to Mina's ears knowing that most men would have kept everything from her worried about her womanly nerves. Stephen does seem very lonely, although his brother Colin (who I loved!) does arrive to help him, Mina is the only full human alive who knows about his other form but Mina knows that she will never be his equal and can't throw away all of the hard work she undertook to get her out of her working class position for a night of passion with Stephen.

Mina and Stephen make a really good investigative team whilst their desire for each other keeps increasing in the background. I loved the tension between them and when they do get together it's worth the wait although the location leaves a lot to be desired and had me giggling! I'm really hoping that we get Colin's story next, my one request however is that we get a better more apt cover. Although I do understand that half naked Scottish hero with a kilt equals book sales, the kilt and naked man chest though lovely, didn't really relate much to the story. 

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