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Beck by Harper Sloan review and giveaway

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I'm a huge fan of Harper Sloan's Corps Security series, it satisfies my post-Kristen Ashley Rock Chick need for books with protective alpha males and heroines that I want to befriend so I was beyond excited to be part of the BECK blog tour and get my paws on an early review copy of BECK. You can check out my slightly fan girlie review below and don't forget to enter the fab giveaway at the bottom of the post.

Corps Security #3
Harper Sloan
Publication date:

It's official I'm addicted to this series! Although the title of the third book in the series is Beck this is really Dee's story and it's a gut wrenchingly emotional story at that.

Dee is the BFF of Izzy (the heroine in the first book Axel) on the surface she's this crazy, strong and independent woman, she's a fantastic friend and a fiercely loyal woman. There are however things in Dee's past that she hasn't told a single person about, she can't tell anyone, but these things have defined her life and as a result the Dee that her friends see on the outside is not how Dee feels on the inside when she's at her lowest. Although Dee hides it well Beck sees the real Dee.

Beck, OMG Beck! What to say? Harper Sloan has created another delicious alpha male hero to fall in love with. From the minute he saw Dee he wanted her. Right from the start Dee tells Beck she doesn't want forever, it's almost as if she feels she's incapable of it so they have a crazy push and pull relationship. To their friends their relationship looks unstable, full of passion with hints of possessive jealousy as Dee pushes Beck away time and time again. In the face of this Dee doesn't stop smiling but underneath she's broken and even her BFF Izzy doesn't have any idea about how bad Dee's low points are.  Beck however, sees the real Dee and despite this he thinks she's worth fighting for, and is prepared to wait patiently for her.

As Dee's story unfolds it's impossible not to feel for both her and Beck and for her two closest friends Izzy and Cage who had no idea what Dee had been through. Her story is intense, emotional and heart breaking and the heart break doesn't stop there. Without giving anything away another part of the Beck story line took my breath away and broke my heart, it's one of those ones you have to read it for yourself, all I can say is the glitter just about ended me.

All in all Beck is an emotional and intense read. I was reminded slightly of Kristen Ashley's amazing Rock Chick Regret Sadie's story which also had me crying bucket load of tears. If you're a fan of the series you won't want to miss it and if you haven't dipped your toe into the world of Corps Security yet you need to rectify that immediately but bring hankies because you are going to need them. 5 out of 5.  

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As part of the BECK blogtour Harper Sloan has a fantastic giveaway ongoing all you need to do is enter via the rafflecopter thingy below. Good luck!

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