Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Review: Before Jamaica Lane by Samantha Young

7thBefore Jamaica Lane
On Dublin Street #3
Samantha Young
Publisher: NAL
Publication date: 7th of January 2014

Before Jamaica Lane is another amazing contemporary romance from Samantha Young, with it's perfect balance of humor and smoulderingly hot scenes as well as some seriously heart breaking moments I know it will be up there as one of my favourites of 2014.  

Olivia spent her youth looking after her sick mum so had no real time for flirting or boyfriends and as a result has had no real experience with relationships and has zero confidence when it comes to men. Nate however, is a complete ladies man and oozes confidence. Nate doesn't however do relationships and makes no promises to the many women who have ended up in his bed. For all their differences Liv and Nate are good friends, comfortable in each other's company they can laugh, watch DVD's and be there for each other despite the fact that Liv has had an unrequited crush on Nate forever.

After getting drunk at Braiden and Joss's wedding Liv suggests that Nate puts his expertise with the opposite sex into practise and teach Liv how to talk to and attract men in the hope that she will finally feel confident enough to have an actual conversation with the hot postgrad guy at the library that has words and sentences.

Liv honestly just about killed me I loved her that much. She's my kind of girl, funny, loyal and smart she looks in the mirror and doesn't see an attractive or sexy woman staring back at her and like most of us swears she'll take up Pilates in the morning. It takes Nate to change that. I loved Nate's methods! He starts off telling her what he sees when he looks at her, makes her face herself in the mirror and appreciate how gorgeous she really is as well as letting her into many man secrets such as "don't use the word "flab" around a guy you want to shag" priceless!! He shows her how to flirt, how to dress and as Liv's confidence start to increase Nate really gets down to business and the teaching becomes much more hands on and practical. Honestly, it was deliciously good. As they continue to sleep together it's obvious to Liv that this is more than just a friend helping out a friend as Nate initially wanted it to be but for Nate he just can't accept or face his feelings for her and Liv wants to be his big love not his friend or casual lover.

The longing, the heartbreak, the loss and the love of Liv and Nate's story is so agonizingly good I absolutely adored it. I gave On Dublin Street a 5 out of 5, I also gave Down London Road a 5 out of 5 so I'm giving Before Jamaica Street a 5 out of  5 and then some. Delicious.

Favourite quote:
"Liv's perfect. She deserves perfect. She won't be settling for anything less."


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  1. So relieved to see a high rating. I liked On Dublin Street and absolutely loved Down London Road. I can't wait to start this one!

    1. It's absolutely fantastic Angiegirl, I'm sure you will LOVE it!!!


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