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Review: Broken Blade by J.C. Daniels

6thBroken Blade
Colbana Files #3
J.C. Daniels
Publication date: 6th January 2014

I shed more than a few tears at the end of Night Blade the second instalment in J.C. Daniels Colbana Files series, after two weeks of being held prisoner by the vampire Jude Kit Colbana has been raped, beaten and treated like a vampire chew toy. Completely broken Jude has convinced Kit that nobody is coming to rescue her but Kit still manages to escape her prison although the escape Kit really wants is a permanent one.

Four months later, Kit no longer a warrior is a bartender at Wolf Haven. After months of crippling nightmares Kit knows that she has to stop hiding but can't face or even think about Damon her ex-boyfriend and shifter alpha. The woman Kit was is dead but she is now able to admit to herself that dead feels better than broken.

Initially dipping a cautious toe back into the investigation business it's not long before a simple case involving a girl pregnant to a shifter results in Kit not only having to face Damon and his shifters (who incidentally can't even look her in the eye) but an ancient and powerful woman who wants Kit to track down Pandora's box.

Although Broken Blade had me crying again it also had me cheering for Kit and even for Damon. It was heartbreaking to see Kit this powerful warrior feel so frightened and humiliated and at times it seemed like an impossibility that this broken and changed woman could ever really recover. Equally, heartbreaking Kit no longer has her trusted bond with her sword because Jude and his evil cohorts ensured that weapons would no longer sing to her. It's almost as though a part of Kit has died and as a reader I think it would be impossible not to feel for her. Broken Blade isn't all heartbreak though, we find out more about Justin, Kit's ex and friend, why he ended up working for Banner and more about his rare and particular kind of magic. Equally I loved seeing more of Doyle and his growing connection to Kit. One of the scenes that really stuck in my head was Damon trying to repeatedly crash through the protective spells around the bar in Wolf Haven to get to see Kit. Yes things didn't end well between them in Night Blade before Kit was captured but I was determinedly hopeful and optimistic that he would come through for Kit and that she would in time let him.

Broken Blade was as powerful and emotional as the second instalment. The story and characters again completely sucked me in and although I know that Kit will never be the same she's shown that she can most definitely adapt and I finished Broken Blade feeling hopeful for Kit's future.

Broken Blade more than deserves a 5 out of 5 rating this is a must read series for Urban Fantasy fans.    

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